We are a community of researchers with backgrounds in Screen and Design, Art and Performance, Communication, and Writing and Literature based in the School of Communication and Creative Arts at Deakin University.

We have four main research themes, including immersive realities, people and objects, word and performance, and participatory screens.

IMMERSIVE REALITIES, led by Stefan Greuter and Luke Heemsbergen   
Positioned at the border of two worlds, the physical and the virtual world, Immersive Realities researches interfaces that enrich human interactions between the digital and the physical that are intuitive and playful and put the active human body at the centre of the experience. Our designs result in practical applications that are used to train, educate, and entertain diverse end-users and explore new ways of interacting with and through technology.   

WORD AND PERFORMANCE, led by Lyn Mc Credden  
This research theme considers how to bring language together with new modes of communication for new audiences. Through audio and visual capture, the research teams and projects growing from this theme will explore how most powerfully to disseminate storytelling, poetic and dramatic performance, improvisation, words-on-the-page from contemporary and historical periods across different kinds of audiences. We will ask how languages in different cultural contexts – Indigenous and non-Indigenous, multicultural and multi-ethnic, from different age themes, diverse classes, differently-gendered – might communicate more fully and richly beyond enclaves or ghettos. We will seek partnerships with learning and teaching partners to produce artefacts that bring words into active, engaging, communicative, affective forms, thus producing living archives of word and performance that create strong cultural, educative impact for change. At the same time, the theme will investigate what different forms of technology are most compelling for such transformational dissemination.