Still Me

Still Me

Project team:

Meghan Kellylead artist
Stefan Greuterteam member
Luke Heemsbergen team member


This is a practice-based research project with an aim to create innovative communication strategies and test ideas with stakeholders and the broader community using participatory design methodologies. This is exploratory research examining ways to utilize technology to educate and demonstrate something that is not clearly understood in the community.

Prototype/proof of concept by creating a digital output of an existing print based concept. The aim is to expand the accessibility of the ‘flip book’ concept using contemporary digital tools. This project explores ways to design an interactive version of the existing print based concept to enable its distribution in digital formats including phone and tablet apps and computers to increase its reach and accessibility and achieve its goals of educating those new to the process.

Present or expected community impact/engagements:

This is an extension of identity and representation research and empowering stakeholders to determine outcomes that suit them.
There is a big gap in the research about how to support those supporting the person transitioning. Transitioning takes 5 -10 years and during that time the support required changes. There are many steps in transitioning and many areas to explore.
The aim of this research is to expand the understanding of the process of transitioning in the broader community.