Play By Play

Play By Play

Interactive Sports Commentating Simulator

Project team:
Matthew McDonough, Stefan Greuter, Matt Freeman, Alex Singleton, Simon Wilmot, Jason Bennett, Paul Hammond and Scott Jackson

Play By Play provides interactive sports commentating experience in front of a live audience. Users can step into a custom-made commentator booth where they can make a selection of different sports clips and a level of difficulty. After selecting the clip and a difficulty level, users provide the live commentary of the chosen sports clip whilst the sports clip and live commentary is broadcast on the large screen in front of a live audience.

At its most basic level of difficulty, the application provides the sports commentator with a pre-written sports commentary and visual aids on the screen. The intermediate level reduces the amount of support and only provides on-screen guidance, such as the players’ names on the field. The advanced level provides no on-screen guidance, leaving it up to the commentator to comment on the sports clip. After the experience, the applications prints out a QR code on a card providing users with a memento video recording of the sports commentary experience for download and sharing on social media.

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