An intimate and immersive solo performance project about remembering … and forgetting

Project Team:
Dr Kate Hunter – lead artist/performer/researcher
Richard Vabre – lighting design


Memory is never static. From moment to moment, as events are experienced, recalled and re-told to others, we manipulate the facts to suit ourselves. We amend our recollections—and write our own narratives through life—according to whim, circumstance or desire. Memory is unreliable, inconsistent, often untrue, but as we repeat our memories, to ourselves and to others, we start to believe them. Little by little, bit by bit, we create a continual and ever-changing story for ourselves even as, in the brain, neurons create and re-consolidate pathways to form memories over time. Our memories begin when we are old enough to speak to others. In the telling of our stories, we begin to form them. Before speech, we must have no memories. How, then, do we know who we are? How do we know who we are when memory is gone? This research project examines the nuanced and complex set of relationships and connections between memory and a theatrical devising process in which material is generated of and by the self. Memorandum is a hybrid theatre performance: part memoir, part poem, part kaddish. Using a radical audio structure in which live and pre-recorded narratives simultaneously intersect, converge and diverge, Memorandum examines the ways our memories deform and become misshapen over time, how truths and fictions unknowingly intertwine. The research enquiry encompasses several strands of cross-disciplinary investigation including: the intersections of memory and imagination in both neural and performative terms; the nature of autobiographical content in devising practices; and the types of memory systems and functions employed in the generation, development and performance of theatrical material.


Publication / Exhibition
Theatre Works’ ‘Selected Works’ curated public season, Melbourne, 2014,
Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre ‘Brave New Work’ series, Sydney, 2015
This project was developed with assistance from Theatre Works, the Besen Family Foundation and the City of Maribyrnong.

*Images by Leo Dale