Big Picture ImagiNation project

IMAGINATION: The Big Picture Movement

Design’s role in recalibrating the Australian identity

Project team: Dr Russell Kennedy

This research explores a potential recalibration of the Australian identity. Imagination is based on a premise that if we (Australians) change the way we look at things then the things we look at need to change. This research does not advocate or encourage nationalism but it does responds to a call from many sectors that Australia needs to re-evaluate its national identity within the frame of decolonization and respectful acknowledgement of precolonial history. The Imagination project asks, how can Australia represent itself as the home of the world’s oldest continuous living cultures? The project critically explores the potential impact of an Australian Republic and reviews institutional symbols of nationhood including the national anthem, national flag, state ensigns and Australia Day. Imagination interrogates the appropriateness of certain memorials, statues and geographical place names. It also explores the veneration of war and investigates how Australia might find a way to formally and physically acknowledge the Frontier Wars. This research tests ideas through a process of hypothetical prototyping. This method aims to generate real reactions by enabling people to experience the ‘product’ in the most realistic form possible.

Key words: design, national, identity, decolonise, indigenise, recalibrate, authenticate


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