Fear Arousal OH&S Training

Fear Arousal OH&S Training

Engaging Construction Workers in ​Occupational Health and Safety through Virtual Reality

Project team:

Stefan Greuter
Thuong Hoang
Simeon Taylor
George Aranda


KANE OH&S gives construction workers the chance to participate in instructor guided, and self-guided, OH&S training in virtual reality. KANE OH&S users can work off-site or on-site. KANE OH&S supports real-time instructor feedback, self-guided training and awareness verification, through direct hands-on interaction with various OH&S scenarios.​

Research Problem​

Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Training is an ongoing area of concern for the entire construction industry, particularly the difficulty in engaging the more at-risk ageing workforce, but also young construction workers. KANE is looking for a solution that generates a high impact regarding Occupational Health and Safety training, i.e., a positive but impactful training experience that staff will talk about and that will make staff think before engaging in a potentially dangerous situations. ​

Whilst generic OH&S training packages are already available, KANE is looking for an Occupational Health and Safety intervention that looks and feels like a KANE construction site and is tailored to KANE staff training needs and therefore requires a custom solution. Most importantly, KANE is interested in exploring the impact of a Virtual Reality training scenario on the more senior members of their construction staff. ​

The project will focus on training scenarios relating to the most common types of injury experienced by construction workers on Australian construction sites.


This work was programmed by Paul Hammond ​with 3D design by Scott Jackson and motion-capture by Gerard Mulvany.​
This work was supported by RPDS grant from Deakin University, Arts and Education faculty.