Every Day I Wait

Every Day I Wait

A commissioned installation to accompany the ticketed exhibition ‘Mao’s Last Dancer’ at the Museum of Brisbane.

Project team:
Anne Scott Wilson – Artist
Simeon Taylor – Programming

In a 3 part installation, the project aimed to evoke the experience of actually doing ballet through audience participation in two works: one using motion sensors and programming, the other using simple analogue, site specific installation techniques.  Two video walls and one interactive wall invited audiences to feel the weightlessness ballet dancers feel (through much endurance and repetition).  An older work ‘Every Day I Wait’ shown at the Art Centre Melbourne in a curated exhibition titled ‘Black Box, White Cube: aspects of performance in Australian Art’ accompanied the interactive works. This work situated the viewer inside the strange technique of pointe work, the pain accompanying transcendence evoked through sound.

The Museum recorded audience responses with reported flash mobs returning up to 5 times to participate in the darkened room. Audience statistics, comments confirm that the new technologies operated successfully realised through the artist working with a programmer from Deakin Motion Lab, Simeon Taylor.

Images & vox pop video: http://www.annescottwilson.com/every-day-i-wait-2

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