A theatre performance for 2 actors, 1 sound designer and 250 metres of greywater hose

 Project team:
Dr Kate Hunter –
lead artist/performer/researcher
Josephine Lange – performer
Jem Savage – sound design
Glynis Angell – dramaturge
Gina Gascoigne – lighting design (2017)
Nick Moloney – lighting design (2019)
Kath Papas Productions – producer

Traditional verbatim theatre methodologies require an actor to draw on headphone performance techniques or their own memory to re-tell others’ stories. ‘Earshot’ aimed to extend new ideas in postdramatic performance by disrupting conventional verbatim & documentary practices. Part live performance, part undercover surveillance operation, ‘Earshot’ was crafted entirely from eavesdropped conversations overheard on trains, planes, cafes and street corners. In devising the work, the research team experimented with a breadth of digital/analogue technologies to create spatialized sounds throughout the theatrical space. We teamed ‘found sounds’ with modern & antiquated devices (tin cans, plastic funnels, electric knives), and intersected verbatim theatre techniques with real-time computer sequencing & pitch-shifting technology to create a theatrical experience for the audience that was immersive, comic & confronting.

3 minute video www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BEbKLIpSb4
Website page with video + images + reviews www.katehuntertheatre.com/#/gipfel/

Publication / Exhibition
45downstairs, Melbourne, 2017;
Performance Space, Footscray Community Arts Centre, Due West Festival, 2019.
This project was developed with assistance from Festival of Live Art, Theatre Works, Australia Council of the Arts and Creative Victoria

*Images by Leo Dale