Because The Night

Because The Night Interactive Experience

Development team:
Stefan Greuter, Gerard Mulvany, Tonya Meyrick, Thomas Salisbury, Matthew Skarajew, Laurie Meade, Brad Axiak, Carl Smith, Nicholas Donaldson and Matthew Delbridge

Malthouse Theatre team:
Sarah Neal, Matthew Lutton, David Miller and Tia Clark

Documentary team:
Stefan Greuter, Katya Johanson and Misha Myers

In 2021 the Malthouse Theatre performed an immersive performance called ‘Because the Night’ on a scale never seen before in Australia. The play is about a regime on the edge of collapse set in a logging town (Elsinore) on the cusp of the digital age. The play features six characters who performed on a specifically constructed set with 35 rooms on 1800 sqm for 90 minutes. Users can experience the play the role of a silent witness and can investigate three interlocking narratives playing out simultaneously.

The Deakin Motion Lab filmed the performance in 360-degree video and developed an interactive, digital experience in two formats: a game on Mac and PC platforms and a 360-degree cinema experience. In both formats, visitors can follow the characters, freely roam the beautiful palace, worker’s quarters and outskirts environments, or uncover mythic locations of Elsinore, as the story of “Because the Night” unfolds around them.