Victoria Duckett

Looking Afresh


Dr Victoria Duckett

Deputy Director of DML

Research and Experience
Victoria Duckett is Deputy Director of the Deakin Motion Lab, Associate Professor of Film, and Associate Head of School, Partnerships and Engagement. She is an internationally recognized scholar, feminist, researcher, and teacher with over 30 years experience in renowned universities worldwide. Her most recent monograph, due for release in 2023 by the University of California Press, has been assisted by awards and residencies at prestigious institutions abroad (including a Visiting International Scholar in Film and Theatre at the Cini Foundation in Venice, Scholar in Residence at the University of Exeter, and an Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Research Fellowship at the Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas, Austin).

Victoria is dedicated to promoting female leadership in the creative industries and to bringing exposure to untold histories. Born in Hong Kong, she is currently working on a  transnational documentary and VR archive entitled Hong Kong: The End of Empire Project. This captures a fleeting but significant moment of Australia’s recent legal history. Director of the VR pilot project, The Place I Carry Within, Victoria is further exploring the use of VR to ameliorate the experience of homesickness in diaspora community. With producer Liz Burke, she is also developing a national media archive that showcases the significant but elided contribution producers make to the Australian film industry.


VR, creative industries, diaspora, national screen history, feminism