Usha M. Rodrigues

Solving real-world communication issues with technology


Dr Usha M. Rodrigues

Deakin MotionLab Research Fellow and Senior Lecturer

Research and Experience
Dr Usha M. Rodrigues is a Senior Lecturer in Communication (with Journalism specialisation) in the School of Creative Arts at Deakin University. As an experienced journalist and scholar, her research not only crosses vocation-theory binary, but also national boundaries, situating her in a unique position in the School and the Faculty of Arts and Education. Usha’s research expertise is in studying digital transformation of the news media in Asia and Australia, underlined by her lived experiences in three continents. She has led and collaborated on national and international projects that respond to various communities’ challenges in relation to social cohesion and advance democratic communication rights for all. Usha uses an interdisciplinary agenda to study the mainstream news media, social media and community media. She is keen to explore the interaction between human communication and interactive technologies to enhance social justice.


Journalism, Immersive Journalism, Social Media, Media Audiences