Stefan Greuter

Engaging people through playful digital immersion


Stefan Greuter

Professor for Screen and Design
Director of the Deakin MotionLab

Research and Experience
Stefan Greuter is a Professor for Screen and Design in the School of Creative Arts at Deakin University. He addresses problems by bringing together experts from multiple disciplines, using interaction design and technology, to develop solutions that result in serious games and playable user experiences. He has particular interests in game design, design-thinking and technologies that promote immersive playful interactions. His research interests include the design and development of applications that engage users in stimulating, seamless, playful and creative experiences, alongside applications that enable users through mixed reality learning and interactive environments. Stefan and his team apply human-oriented design techniques and evaluation of technologies, such as field-based studies and lab-based experiments, to create knowledge about the design and use of the interactive experiences and their effect on people.


Immersive User Experiences, Playful Applications, Human Interfaces