Simeon Taylor

Crafting digital experiences that create and evoke memory


Simeon Taylor

Research Fellow

Research and Experience
Simeon Taylor is a Research Fellow in Screen and Design in the School of Creative Arts at Deakin University. He has a wealth of prior industry experience in the realms of 3d animation, performance capture, film, visual effects, and games. His research interests lie in how technology can be used for reminiscence. How the use of interactive digital experiences across a variety of platforms including AR, VR, natural language systems, film, and game – can be used to evoke memory for the betterment of mental health. Simeon had over a decade’s worth of experience working in games, film, and television. He has commercial production experience working at Atari Melbourne House and motion capture experience working on the 3D animation Happy Feet and as 3D artist working for Foxtel before returning to work on Happy Feet’s sequel. At the Deakin Motion Lab Simeon leads the production of 3D animation and motion capture aspects on research projects.


Interactive Experiences, Animation, Performance Capture, World Building, Reminiscence