Rose Woodcock

Exploring leaky boundaries between creative art and science practice

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Dr Rose Woodcock
Senior Lecturer in Screen and Design/ DML Research Fellow

Research and Experience
Rose Woodcock is a Senior Lecturer in Screen and Design in the School of Communication and Creative Arts at Deakin University. She draws from her fine arts background to develop subversive ‘duological’ relations among the discourses of vision- and soil sciences. Her interest in the anomalies of visual perception and the possibilities of ‘duoscopic’ visual experience are explored through individual practice and within inter-disciplinary cross Faculty projects exploring VR gameplay and digital ethnography in the treatment of childhood eye diseases.

Using fragments of broken glass taken from the Merri Creek in north suburban Melbourne, her work references how respective concepts and terminologies from these discourses can be reconfigured as critical appraisals of our relationship to the land and to our perceptions of motion and change. Rose conceptualises the fragments as impoverished ‘lenses’ that metaphorically link vision to the material origins of glass. She is currently investigating their status as fragments representing ideas of migration, displacement and (un)settlement through theoretical and studio practice. 


Visual Perception, Fragments, Experimental Stereoscopy, Discursive Practice.

Her work has been exhibited at 3331 Arts Chiyoda in Tokyo in ‘RE-FILL’ (2017) and ‘BIN-OCULAR’ (2018):, and her paper titled ‘REMAINS THE PROPERTY of dirt and broken glass’ (2019) is published in the UNESCO Observatory