Olivia Millard

Dancing, creating dances with others


Dr Olivia Millard

Lecturer in Art and Performance and DML Research Fellow

Research and Experience
Olivia Millard is a Lecturer in Art and Performance in the School of Communication and Creative Arts at Deakin University. Olivia is a dancer and dance maker and her research is based in the generation of movement material by various means and for diverse situations. Olivia has extensively explored the use of “scores” in dance improvisation and applies that approach to solo work, group dance creation and performative site activation producing live and digital outputs. Olivia has worked with the group About Now for the past ten years, co-creating work for several festivals and events and is also a lead researcher in the multidisciplinary AllPlay Dance program measuring benefits of dance and developing inclusive dance programs for children with disabilities.


Dance, Improvisation, Performance, Site Activation, Dance and Disability