Miles O’Neil

Exploring the nexus of sound, sonic technologies, live music and contemporary performance.


Dr Miles O’Neil

Research Fellow

Research and Experience
Miles O’Neil is a Lecturer in Art and Performance in the School of Creative Arts at Deakin University. A recipient of the Australian Postgraduate Award, Miles received his PhD, focusing on sound in contemporary performance, from the University of Melbourne in 2018. His research considers the role of sound in contemporary culture with a particular interest in theatre, live music, sound design focusing on headphone experiences, and immersive sonic strategies such as 3D, directional and binaural sound, refracted, and reflected acoustics and spatialisation. As a founding member of the award-winning performance group and band the Suitcase Royale, Miles’s work has been presented in the Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin, and Dark Mofo arts festivals in Australia and internationally in multiple arts festivals in the UK, Ireland, Germany, USA, Canada and New Zealand. Outside of Suitcase Royale, Miles regularly works as a screen actor, voice-over artist, musician, and sound designer and has released three albums of original music. Miles’s current research includes Giant Adventure, a collaboration with performer Holly Austin and interactive designer Annie McKinnon exploring performer/audience interaction through wireless looping sound technology. The work will premiere at Arts Centre Melbourne in January 2021. 
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sound-led, amplification, sonic, performing arts, live music