Lienors Torre

Exploring the nexus between the screen and the object – between the ephemeral and the material.


Dr Lienors Torre

Research Fellow

Research and Experience
Lienors Torre is a lecturer in Screen and Design in the School of Communication and Creative Arts, Deakin University. She has a history of practice-based research having had a thorough grounding and career in the medium of glass making and of animation. The material and philosophical qualities suggested by each form have generated research into the nexus between the screen and the object – between the ephemeral and the material, between time-based and stationary aspects, between light, optics and image.  Much of her creative practice explores how objects might be manifested through animation in their various forms of existence and the identity/persona they might convey. Objects form a central role in her thinking and in current collaborative research projects; designing augmented and VR elements for ‘Curiosity Cabinets’ and a Science and Society Network collaborative research project in Amblyopia and broken stereoscopic vision. Her research questions explore how objects exist and are experienced in these new forms of media and how they can inform and impel the language of these media. These ideas extend into larger questions investigating the human condition and how it exists within the digital realm and in artifacts.


Animation, Craft, Objects, Vision, Materiality, Persona and Identity