Katya Johanson

Investigating audiences, their behaviour and responses to arts and creative production, strengthening Australia’s cultural policies.


Professor Katya Johanson

Deputy Director of Deakin MotionLab

Research and Experience
Katya Johanson is Professor of Audience Research in the School of Communication and Creative Arts at Deakin University. Her research involves working with arts organisations and creative producers, peak bodies and public funding agencies to develop solutions to challenges in artistic production and consumption. She is particularly interested in audiences. Her work investigates cultural productions for foreign audiences, how the publishing industry services the interests of teenage readers, and the growth of regional creative industries and the policy frameworks that sustain them.


audiences, cultural diplomacy, artistic production, cultural policy, audience research methods, regional arts production

Creative State Programs, AsiaTOPA 2017, Australian Public Diplomacy, Australia Council Venice Biennale.