Kate Hunter

Developing innovative theatre methodologies to tell Australian stories


Dr Kate Hunter

Research Fellow

Research and Experience
Dr Kate Hunter is a Lecturer in Art and Performance in the School of Communication and the Arts at Deakin University. Her interdisciplinary, practice-led research is grounded in theatre- and performance-making practices, and employs innovative use of verbatim theatre and multi-voicing methodologies to examine the complex interplay between hearing, listening, reading and speaking that is implicit in the ways humans communicate through language. Grounded in embodied and somatic performance practices and training modalities, she works across solo and collaborative contexts.  Kate’s recent work ‘Earshot’ – listed as one of the best live performances of 2019 by ‘The Saturday Paper’  –  was part live performance, part undercover surveillance operation. It premiered at 45downstairs and was re-mounted for Due West Festival in 2019. Her new work ‘In Perpetuity’, a multi-staged devised theatre project which employs a series of unique sonic experiments in sound design, live harpsichord and verbatim performance, is currently in development. Using pitch-shifting technology to alter actors’ voices, this work adopts and adapts practices from many disciplines, including electroacoustic sound design, classical & contemporary music, dance & dramaturgy to interrogate an urgent 21st century concern: the radical ways in which new biomedical technologies have shifted the line between living & dying.


Performance, theatre, sound, interdisciplinarity