Janine Little

Bringing curiosity and wonder to social justice stories moving through culture.


Dr Janine Little

Senior Lecturer Communication, Gender Sexuality Studies Network Member Researcher, DML Research Fellow

Research and Experience
Dr Janine Little’s work is informed by lifelong experiences as a journalist and academic.   She is the author of multiple texts on journalism, media law and ethics, feminist media and cultural studies, and Aboriginal Australian writing, including creative and non-fiction works.  Janine is an enthusiastic participant in government, industry and scholarly forums and cross-disciplinary projects with clear social justice outcomes.

Janine’s research and publications in gender, media culture, and literary studies spans more than three decades.  She has contributed to national and international conversations on important social justice issues as one of a few international scholars working on feminist cultural analysis of family and gender violence as a pathway to prevention. She is currently exploring connections between gendered violence and horror in true and fictional crime stories as a way to nuance public understanding.  Her perspective is one of curiosity and wonder at how stories attempt to explain such complex social justice issues, and how women, men, and children, move through these cultural representations as gendered subjects.  

Janine explores across disciplines and genres with critical cultural studies methods.  Her work is both conceptual and case-based, reading across texts in journalism, law, film, and TV.


Feminist activist scholarship, gender performance, violence against women and children, media law, relational ethics, media and cultural representation