Earvin Charles Cabalquinto

Investigating the impact of mobile media on migration

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Dr Earvin Charles Cabalquinto

Lecturer in Communication

Research and Experience
Earvin Charles Cabalaquinto is a Lecturer in Communication in the School of Communication and Creative Arts at Deakin University. His research expertise lies at the intersections of digital media, mobilities and migration. He particularly deploys ethnographic approaches and visual methods to unravel the opportunities and challenges of digital media use in forging and sustaining intimate and transnational ties among migrants and their distant support networks. His critical approaches on the relationship between digital media practices and experiences of migration are reflected in his interrogation of changing practice of intimacy at a distance, caregiving from afar, crisis communication, and homeland linkages. He is conducting a research that analyses how YouTube mediates the brokerage of social transactions in the Philippines. He is also currently working on a funded project that examines how elderly Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) people use digital communication technologies in dealing with the spatial and temporal immobilities that are enabled and amplified by a global pandemic. Earvin considers critical research as a platform to generate empirically grounded insights towards shaping interventions on harnessing digital media use for improving the lives of migrants, their family members, and their communities in Australian society.


Migration, Mobile Media, Mobilities, Immobility