David Cross

Investigating how immersive installation artworks can elicit  ‘unguarded moments’


Professor David Cross

DML Research Fellow

Research and Experience
David Cross is Professor of Visual Art in the Art and Performance group at Deakin University. His practice extends across performance, installation, sculpture, public art and video. Known for his examination of risk, pleasure and participation through play, Cross, often utilises inflatable structures to negotiate inter-personal exchange.  Interested in performative artworks that preface a one on one engagement with each participant, Cross is also concerned to challenge the  privileging  of vision as the primary sense in the navigation of artworks. His practice points towards the potential of haptic experience (touch) to offer unique understandings of the body and subjectivity.  www.davidcrossartist.com He also works as a curator with the research initiative Public Art Commission www.publicartcommission.com


Performance and Installation Art (including live art and dance), public art and assorted contemporary art practices