Cameron Bishop

Working with communities to build a critical awareness of new technologies


Cameron Bishop

Research Fellow Deakin MotionLab

Research and Experience
Cameron Bishop is Associate Professor, Art and Performance, in the School of Communication and Creative Arts at Deakin University. He is a curator, writer and artist who often works in collaboration, and in public art contexts. With Simon Reis he has been awarded numerous grants and commissions to make work, while as a curator, he has initiated and worked on several large scale temporary public art projects like Treatment and Six Moments in Kingston Town (both with David Cross). With a long standing interest in spatial practices and media archaeology he is interested in the ways that obsolete and analogue technologies intersect with new ways of seeing in the digital sphere. Since 2017 he has been curating and making work with Dr Anne Wilson that focuses on our embodied responses to new technologies. With DML, Bishop and Wilson hope to progress recent works like X Marks the Spot (2019) in which they worked with a children’s choir and pre-programmed and autonomous drones inside an old factory space to manifest the invisible tension between the human and AI. Although playful, the work is interrogative and critical and seeks to circumvent an easy slippage into a world of automated desire.


Media archaeologies, AI, public space, performance, protest