Antonia Pont

Thinking practising & the ontology of times for desire,
creative decision & stability


Dr Antonia Pont

Senior Lecturer in Writing, Literature and Culture / Research Fellow DML

Research and Experience
Antonia Pont is Senior Lecturer in Writing, Literature & Culture. She addresses questions of change, decision, futurity and stability via practice-informed methodologies that combine research undertaken at the level of ideas/writing/concepts with research via the body, movement and breath. She has developed a Theory of Practising, in conversation with Deleuzian offerings on time, repetition and habit, explored in numerous articles and book chapters, as well as in the group-authored book Practising with Deleuze, 2017 (Edinburgh University Press). As a poet and a yogi, she approaches these practices as sibling methodologies which return to and nuance intelligence in relation to desire, sensation, decision, temporal enablement and generative unknowing. Her project, Resting Velocities, asks about the speeds and slownesses (after Spinoza) which constitute us and our capacities for creation, patience and responsiveness. Thus, she trains in, identifies and articulates the mechanisms for enablement, relaxation, pleasure and stability for unique subjects and their communities facing an unprogrammed future. Recent work on relaxation and time can be found here. Practising Theory provides a scaffolding for artists, writers, activists, and researchers more generally, who are activating related queries in fields such as dance, collecting, memoir, waste, trauma and ethics, surveillance capitalism, feminisms, literary activisms, Indigenous knowledges, mental health(s) and others.


practising theory, contemporary French thought, habit/repetition, poetry and onto-poetics of time, contemporary yogic technologies, articulations of thinking/feeling