Anne Wilson

Thinking through motion


Dr Anne Scott Wilson

Research Fellow,  Senior Lecturer, School of Art and Performance

Research and Experience
Anne Scott Wilson is an artist, academic and curator who sustained a live performance career before transitioning to visual art practice. Anne explores the dichotomous relationship between movement and meaning using video, sound, photography, and installation in public and gallery contexts, working collaboratively with colleague Cameron Bishop and in solo practice. In recent projects, Anne and Cameron have been working with community choirs, dancers, opera singers and street poets in live performance contexts that use Artificial Intelligence. She received a Ph.D. from Monash University in Visual Arts in 2009 and is represented by Conny Dietzschold Gallery in Sydney, Hong Kong, and Cologne.  Her work is held in public and private collections internationally and nationally.  She is a member of the research group #VacantGeelong, an interdisciplinary group with artists and architects from SEBE at Deakin.

Focusing on the integration of new technologies exploring motion and identity, Anne has received several grants and residencies from major funding bodies. Recently with support from the Australia Council for the Arts, Anne’s practice has expanded, to working with a team of programmers, using drones, dancers and new film techniques.  The works seek to challenge power structures associated with the hidden language of algorithms, where that language intersects with motion and perception.


body, algorithms, power, movement, installation, video, photography, visual art