Alexia Maddox

Animating complex social change

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Dr Alexia Maddox

Deakin Motion Lab Research Fellow

Research and Experience
Alexia Maddox is a Lecturer, Communications in the School of Communication and Creative Arts at Deakin University. She applies social thinking to digital contexts and brings technical expertise in research design and methods to her collaborations. Her particular research interests combine insight into social change through the study of digital communities and emerging technologies. Utilising innovative research methods, Alexia brings creativity to qualitative, quantitative and computational approaches, She is interested in investigating the design cultures, social logics and impacts of emerging technologies, particularly those involving artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain and encryption technologies. Alexia’s most recent research has focused on case study communities such as those surrounding cryptocurrencies and blockchain in addition to dark web communities operating within and around cyryptomarkets. Alexia also collaborates in creative research installations that playfully engage audiences and communities with social issues such as food systems and climate change.


Idigital frontiers; digital communities; emerging technologies; social change.