Vikrant Kishore

Intangible culture storyteller, Indian cinema researcher, Online storytelling experimenter!


Dr Vikrant Kishore

Senior Lecture – Screen & Design, Course Director – Film, Television and Animation 

Research and Experience
Vikrant Kishore is a Senior Lecturer in Screen & Design in the School of Creative Arts at Deakin University. His areas of research are Indian and Asian Cinema, Intangible Cultural heritage, Indian folk and popular culture, reality television programmes, factual web-series, and caste politics. He has organized various international conferences, film festivals and seminars on Indian cinema. Dr Kishore has been actively working for the safeguard and preservation of the cultural heritage of East India; especially Chhau dance. Dr Kishore is an active member of International Dance Council (CID-UNESCO) and Association Nationale Cultures and Tradition (ANCT, France). He has been a jury member in various international film festivals. Dr Kishore is the producer of An Australian Film Initiative’s Australian Film Festival of India (2014-19). He is the convener of Australia India Film Practitioners and Researchers Network (AIFPRN) (In collaboration with Delhi Metropolitan Education), and Intangible Cultural Heritage Researchers Network (ICHRN) (in Collaboration with World Festival of Gannat, a part of CIOFF). Currently, Vikrant has been capturing stories of cultural flows and its impact on Indian diapora in Australia, he is also working on a reflective documentary questioning caste/racism. Vikrant likes to integrate traditional cultural practices with new media technologies to archive, create digital exposition, collaborate on multi-media media exhibitions and festivals.


Indian and Asian Cinemas, Intangible Cultural Heritage, Folk and Popular Culture, Reality Television, Factual Web-series