We are a community of researchers with backgrounds in Screen and Design, Art and Performance, Communication, and Writing and Literature, based in the School of Communication and Creative Arts at Deakin University.

Building on the research of multiple disciplines, the Deakin Motion Lab designers, artists, writers, arts practitioners and social scientists strive to bring Creative Arts and Humanities researchers together with new technologies, in order to develop user experiences that enable people to more fully understand and transform their lives, communities, and environments.

Our research engages with new forms of technology, communication, expression, and performance, to better understand and inform the design of interactive experiences,  putting ideas into action. 

Research projects developed at the DML grow and evolve out of the lab, producing many different kinds of outputs: exhibitions and performances, prototypes as tech transfer to member companies, and, as spinoff companies, as the basis for continued research and exploration, and as accessible critical and analytical contributions to important social debates. 

DML research projects include immersive screen experiences that allow participants to explore Australia’s ancient Indigenous history, the landscape of Port Philip Bay, or the physical experience being in outer space. They help to build better understandings between people, through creative tools that convey the experiences of people who are gender transitioning, or of children whose vision is impaired by amblyopia. Other projects bring virtual and augmented reality together with dance and performance, to explore the creative capacities afforded by these technologies. In all DML projects, creativity and technology come together to provide new resources, new ways of seeing, and deeper, richer understandings and experiences of the world around us.