Deakin Motion.Lab’s Virtual Production Pipeline

The Virtual Production Pipeline brings intuitive, real-time integrated performance capture to film and television productions for the first time. Our Pipeline offers a new approach to motion capture workflow, enabling simultaneous real-time body, face and hand animation, together with live camera editing and full scene real-time camera integration. Deakin Motion.Lab’s Virtual Production Pipeline integrates with both Virtual Reality and Augmented reality platforms, bringing the innovation of our production pipeline into immersive worlds.

The Virtual Production Pipeline provides the benefits of:

 Full creative control for Directors on the motion capture set of a fully animated film

 Full scene edits presented at the end of each day’s shoot


 Full pre-visualisation produced on set, on site, for daily relay to animation pipeline


 The potential for real-time television animation production


 Massively increased motion capture turn-around and hence reduced cost for both animated film and TV production


Download the Alchemy Booklet