The Adventures of Auntie Ada

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Using the Virtual Production Pipeline, Alchemy,  ‘The Adventures of Auntie Ada’ is an animated children’s television show concept, aimed at promoting STEM subjects for kids aged 6-9 years old.
The use of Alchemy allows a quick turn around for every episode and the ease of quickly producing short-form content.

Auntie Ada is not your typical Great Aunt….instead, she’s an inventor and scientific genius with a penchant for adventure!
With the help of her research assistant and grand-niece Aly, Auntie Ada explores the world of science and technology in order to update her magnum opus, The Encyclopedia of Technological Apparatus and Invention. From mobile phones and space travel to video games and bioluminescence, Auntie Ada and Aly use scientific devices to dive into their subjects, facing various challenges and meeting a myriad of hilarious and unexpected characters along the way- but can they make it back to the workshop in time to save the cake from getting burnt? 

Download the The Adventures of Auntie Ada Booklet