Katya Johanson

 Associate Dean Partnerships And International


Associate Professor Katya Johanson is Associate Dean, Partnerships and International in the Faculty of Arts and Education at Deakin University. She has a PhD in Australian History and Political Science from the University of Melbourne, which traces the politics behind the vision and establishment of the Australia Council for the Arts (2000). Prior to coming to Deakin University in 2004, Katya worked as a book editor, specialising in academic and tertiary publishing. Both her teaching and research are based in Creative Arts. Concerned by the extent to which public arts and cultural policy tends to be made with little regard for people’s everyday cultural interests and experiences, Katya researches arts and cultural policies and, more recently, looks at practices in the evaluation of audience experiences and cultural activities involving public participation. She has conducted research with Creative Victoria, VicHealth, the City of Maribyrnong, the City of Yarra and the City of Moonee Valley. She is an editor of The Audience Experience: A critical analysis of audiences in the performing arts (2013) with Jennifer Radbourne and Hilary Glow, and a co-author of Your Genre is Black: Indigenous Performing Arts and Policy (2009) with Hilary Glow.

Katya Johanson Publications

Publication highlights:

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