Vox Lumen

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Vox Lumen was featured as a finalist for the 2015 AEAF Awards in the Live Event VFX & Animation category.

The Deakin Motion.Lab, in partnership with Federation Square, presented Vox Lumen: People into Light to an enthusiastic and curious crowd at White Night Melbourne 2015.

Vox Lumen transformed Federation Square into an interactive world with stunning abstract digital projections, dancer-driven live motion capture, and interactive content that tracked the movement of the crowds across Melbourne’s biggest night of arts and culture.

The Vox Lumen performance system  offers five-immersive scenes.


A set 11-minute solo choreographed version of the work featuring a sound score by Rob Vincs.

A performance systems including five interactive scenes that can be driven using motion capture or Kinect. This system can be used by 1-3 dancers. Variables in the imagery allow for longer or shorter durations and a variety of choreographic input. Suitable for traditional and non-traditional theatrical spaces and corporate events.

Contact us to discuss bringing Vox Lumen or the Vox Lumen performance system to your event.

“The movement of individuals in the crowd will actually influence the graphics on the screen”
Peter Divers
Project Manager of Vox Lumen