Turn to Face the Strange: The Fandom of David Bowie

Research Project
Written by Dr. Toija Cinque and  Ass Prof. Sean Redmond, In affiliation with Deakin University


In the book, Turn to Face the Strange: The Fandom of David Bowie, Dr. Cinque and Ass Prof. Redmond seek to find Bowie in the streams of fandom that swelled around him, including harvesting nostalgic fragments, recollections (via personal interviews), memorabilia, diaries, letter writing, collective and communal gatherings, and artistic impersonation.  Within the context of contemporary changes to the media landscape, the book will also determine the nature of the present digital conversations taking place about David Bowie; and the fan interactions that emerge on social media. The work will take place in five cities, each of which has a connection to Bowie and where a large fan community exists.

Dr. Toija Cinque is a senior lecturer in media and communications at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia.

Her works include Changing Media Landscapes: Visual Networking (2015), the co-written Communication, Digital Media and Everyday Life, 2nd edition (2015); and Enchanting David Bowie (2015) with Sean Redmond and Chris Moore. Cinque edits New Scholar: Internationa­­­­­­l Journal of the Humanities, Creative Arts and Social Sciences.

Project by

Sean Redmond