The Gothic in Young Adult Fiction, Film, and Television

Research Project
This project reveals the contemporary transformation of the Gothic genre as it manifests in cross-media texts aimed at young adult readers and viewers.

It will contribute to the broader theorisation of the Gothic genre through its demonstration of how the genre is replicated and modified for a youth audience. In particular, it will show how changing conceptions of femininity are mobilised when combined with the liminal space of young adulthood in fiction, film, and television. In contemporary YA Gothic texts, recent less-threatening ideas about monstrosity collide with protagonists’ maturation, placing them in situations where they must confront their own monstrosity or that of their love interest.

This project will enhance our understanding of how the young adult Gothic works through contemporary anxieties pertaining to race, gender, sexuality, and technology through its depiction of relationships between humans and monsters.

Project by

Kristine Moruzi