The Flying Dutchman

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The Flying Dutchman is the first of three immersive, 3D opera productions Deakin Motion.Lab will be creating with Victorian Opera from 2015.


Featuring the 83-piece Australian Youth Orchestra, The Flying Dutchman was conducted by Victorian Opera’s Artistic Director Richard Mills, and directed by Roger Hodgman with a set and visual design by Matt Scott and Christina Smith. The work premiered on 14 February, 2015 at the Palais Theatre.

The Flying Dutchman has been acknowledged and honoured by Melbourne’s performing art industry by being nominated for seven prestigious Green Room Awards for 2015, over six Categories. The production received nominations in the category of Design, Direction, Production, Male Lead (with two nominations in that category), Male in a Supporting Role, and Conductor.

They Flying Dutchman was also named a finalist in the Unity Awards for 2015.

This project has been funded by the ARC (Australian Research Council) Linkage Scheme LP140100742.


Media Release

“Images devised by VO’s performance partner, Deakin Motion.Lab, effectively and ingeniously take the audience deeper into the drama without confusing or cheapening it. There are authentic blood-red sails for the Dutchman’s ship, scudding angry clouds for the storm, a sun-lit fiord, and, at the end, beautiful and redemptive Northern Lights.”

Michael Shmith
“Professor Kim Vincs and her crack team from Deakin Motion.Lab have created spectacular imagery that is all the more valuable for the way it supports the storytelling rather than ever threatening to overwhelm it. A large rear screen is flanked by two diagonal screens, creating immersive surroundings for the stage action.”

Simon Parris
“Victorian Opera’s collaboration with Deakin University’s Deakin Motion.Lab (the first of several) is absorbing and totally suitable for this most protean and renewable of composers…The closing images (observed through thousands of 3D spectacles) complement the closing strains of the opera…”

Peter Rose
“Over the past six months, Victorian Opera has been collaborating with Deakin Motion.Lab to unite their individual talents: operatic theatre and 3D scenography. The result is the most ambitious performance in Victorian Opera’s history and one that Wagner himself imagined.”

Emma Park