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The Crack Up is a full-length trans-media dance work performed by live dancers and virtual performers within immersive 3D projected landscapes. The work has been created using the latest visual effects techniques, and features a bespoke ‘Crack-Up App,’ or a ‘browse-able’ mobile application that allows for audience members to experience the work across multiple platforms.

Playing on ideas of reality, the viewer is transported to a world where the virtual and physical intertwine. Audience members wear 3D glasses to become fully immersed and co-exist in the virtual environment, alongside the dancers. The work was nominated for a 2015 Australian Dance Award, in the category for New Media.

Foreword by kim vincs

“The live performance is a series of scenes involving dancers, animation, and even a bit of circus. The animation itself is at times mind-blowing. Sometimes it’s an ever-morphing shape suspended in mid-air; at other times it’s a dramatic landscape, enhanced further by the surging, haunting musical score.”
Rain Francis
Dance Informa
“Elegant movement and virtual images are augmented by interactive device applications with an innovative The Crack Up App. With the swipe of a tablet, audience members can delve into the theatrical experience, with the performance taking place before their eyes and within the palms of their hands.”
Arts Review


The Crack-Up app was an accompanying feature during the performance, allowing the audience to experience the work simultaneously onstage and on a mobile device.


  • 50 minutes duration
  • Features 5 dancers
  • Stereoscopic projection and screen
  • Sound system
  • Theatre Lighting
  • Control positions for 3 computer workstations
  • Performance area 12 M x 12 M or larger
  • Dance floor
  • Minimum grid height 6.5M

The Crack Up showcases the outcomes of a three-year Australian Research Council Discovery research project at Deakin Motion.Lab in motion capture, stereoscopic projection, augmented reality and interactive digital systems that have developed new ways to integrate these technologies within live performance. The Crack-up was funded by the ARC (Australian Research Council) Discovery Scheme DP120101695


Choreographer and Director

/ Kim Vincs

Stereographic and 3D image concept, design and creation

/ John McCormick / Daniel Skovli / Simeon Taylor / Kieren Wallace / Bobby Lin / Josh Batty / Peter Divers

Mobile app development

/ John McCormick / Kieren Wallace


/ Robert Vincs


/ Ashley Cross / Anita Hustas


/ Steph Hutchison / Shannon Groves / Emma Corbett / Camillo Baracco / Brodie Chesher

Lighting design

/ Bernie Tan-Hayes / Point of View

Costume design

/ Laura Camilleri / Grosz Co.Lab