Seminar Sessions on Improvisation

Research Project
Organized and facilitated with Andrew Moorish
In M. Medlin (director and organiser) Improvisation Practices Symposium, Critical Path Choreographic Research Lab, Sydney, Nov 27 – Dec 7.
Critical Path Choreographic Research Lab, Sydney
27th Nov –7th  Dec 2014

The term improvisation is ubiquitous. It can be stretched to envelop activities of enormous diversity. Because of this it is a term that is often in danger of having little or no meaning.

These seminars will bring together diverse practitioners from different communities (across 4 continents) formed/informed by different contexts and histories to provide a focused and rich platform for engagement. The aim of the seminars will focus on clarifying what we, (Andrew, Jondi and the participants) mean by improvisation, how we use it, what are its dimensions and what do we imagine its future to be. We expect our journey will encompass experiential, anecdotal, theoretical and philosophical pathways, in no particular order. The seminar outcomes will be localized to us.

Each of the three sessions (Dec 2,3,4) will find its own focus, prompted by the experience of the Symposium, the seminars and as our past engagement with improvisation. We encourage (but do not insist) participants to attend all three sessions so we can deepen the process as well as broaden the discussion. These seminar sessions will be free-­‐ranging discussions, prompts for dialogue and explorations of the activities, sensitivities and sensibilities that inform a practitioner’s’ relationship to their own processes and creative practices.

While Andrew and Jondi will propose issues and processes to the group, they will also invite the group to propose topics and approaches. They hope to open the process of facilitation on improvisation to improvisational seminar approaches and the devising of exercises in-­place.

Project by

Jondi Keane