Pan & Zoom

Research Project
 Keane, J. & Barry, K. (2015). PAN & ZOOM. Interactive performative installation of expanded image-making and viewing.

Mick Douglas (curator) Performing Mobilities Exhibition, RMIT galleries, Melbourne.

Sep 24– Oct 26.

The relationship of the two works the exhibition addressed was the way movement relates to the notion of mobility, and investigates the way spatial experience is constructed by individuals, as indicative of their qualitative relationship.

While each part of the work explored different aspects of spatial experience, they both concerned themselves with the difference within and across these experiences, and the collective constructions involved.

In ZOOM, the specific question was: How is a person mobile across modes of spatial awareness, and the technologies that assist in constructing spatial experience.

By disambiguated the cinematic visual effect into a performative action AND a screen event, Dr. Keane de-technologized the apparatus of the visual effect, splitting the double movement of the camera (moving and zooming), by pulling the wall instead of moving the camera. The affect of enlivening a mechanical operation is that the links between construction of personal and social space are made visible and dilated.

This enabled the participant and Dr. Keane to enter into a complex feedback loop. The production of videos functioned as part of a process, and documented the moments of that process of coming-­to-­awareness, regarding the production of space, and the many ways space is affecting and being affected, just as the person inside a time space event, in which both person and environment are affecting, and being affected.

Project by

Jondi Keane