Knots of Relation

Research Project
In Immedia’ons EVENT. (Group devised processes, performances, installations, public discussions, “artefacting” and archiving ac0vi0es for SSHRC Grant Immediations: Art, Media and Event).
COFA gallery, UNSW, Sydney, Dec 8-15.
COFA gallery,
University of NSW,
8th-15th December 2014

Knot space is a participatory event that explores composing with these intensities, generating entangled zones of heightened affectvity and thought across spatial, aural and movement practices. For four days, the Basement Gallery will be taken over by knot-­‐based processes, becoming a hive for ravelling and unravelling creation-‐in-­process.

The gallery will host artists, philosophers, international and Australian partners of the Immediations project, who will work together with UNSW Art and Design postgraduate researchers and curious members of the public. Together participants will work on ‘knots’ of ‘research-­creation’, focussing on bringing out the rigorous thinking that informs artwork and making, and the creativity that goes into thinking.

Project by

Jondi Keane