Inside Movement Knowledge

Research Project

IMK Lab #1, November 2008, demonstration and observation of the Interactive Installation. Photo: Thomas Lenden

Project Description


Inside Movement Knowledge (IMK) was a two-year collaborative, interdisciplinary research project, following a 3 year investigation by Amsterdam-based dance company Emio Greco | PC, into systems for recording and transmitting their creative work. Inspired by similar choreographic research, Emio Greco | PC has created an Interactive DVD-Rom and Installation based on an analysis of the company’s unique training methods. The IMK research investigated how unique resources could be used and refined in the context of (1) practical dance education, (2) dance scholarship, and (3) documenting dance for cultural heritage.

IMK was the first project of its kind to singularly question how these unique resources were being used in education and cultural heritage. Research groups worked toward their own goals within the project with three outcomes: (1) a workshop version of the interactive installation (with accompanying manual); (2) a dance studies course book (in publication process with MIT Press); and (3) a documentation model based on in-depth analysis of key dance company work. The project’s four shared laboratory results were opened up to an International Associates Network.

IMK documentation is available at:



Research Coordinators: Bertha Bermudez & Scott deLahunta.

Project Partners: Amsterdam School of the Arts,

ICKAmsterdam-Emio Greco|PC,

Netherlands Media Art Institute,

University of Utrecht.

Project by

Scott Delahunta