Eye Tracking the Moving Image

Research Project
An In(Transition) Video essay series

In progress

Curating a special eye-tracking edition of the renowned journal, Sean is currently working on a video essay series about how sound on-and-off effects, affects gage and gaze patterns. The video essay will also include the wider poetics of sound, sound theory, and the aim is to use sound in the actual aesthetics of the essay itself. Sound and eye tracking data has already been collected on two films – ‘Saving Private Ryan’ and ‘Monsters inc.’ with the intention  to extend the data to horror films and/or other film types.

– Future of the book

 – Refractory, Melbourne University

The essay series will include looking at eye tracking in relation to:

  • Sound
  • Text
  • Movement
  • The Eyes of the Child
  • Seeing and not Seeing


Project by

Sean Redmond