High-impact visuals such as motion and facial capture, character pre-visualisation and live previews make a lasting impression on players. While many huge studios spend tens of thousands of dollars annually on systems and services such as these, the team at Deakin Motion.Lab have created a cost-effective process for developers to bring amazing assets into their games.

Does your game deserve professional-grade motion capture?

Our motion capture services include:

– Physically accurate character interaction and animation
– High-fidelity facial and body animation
– In-house tracking, cleaning and solving
– Data that is suitable for both real-time and pre-rendered content
We provide:
  • Commercial motion capture shoots at our award-winning Melbourne-based studio
  • Expert preparation workshop sessions including motion capture shoot planning and briefing, advice on file types, and technical information about how the content will integrate with your game engine.
  • Real-time character pre-visualisation
  • We can provide specialist motion capture performance artists for the day, and access to performance gear such as props, mats and trampolines as required.
  • You can direct a professional performer for specific movements you need for your game, or we can direct the shoot for you.
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