Jordan Beth


Research Fellow


Dr. Jordan Beth Vincent is a Melbourne-based dance historian and critic, and a researcher in the areas of live performance and new technology. She is a member of the Executive Leadership Group of Deakin Motion.Lab- Centre for Creative Arts Research.

Jordan completed a PhD in dance history at the University of Melbourne (2009) in the field of 20th century Australian dance history and holds a Postgraduate diploma in choreography from the Victorian College of the Arts and Bachelor degrees in Dance and History from the University of Washington.

 In 2013, Jordan joined the team at the Deakin Motion.Lab as an Associate Research Fellow for the ARC Discovery Grant, Building innovative capacity in Australian dance through new visualisation techniques. Her current role at Deakin Motion.Lab at Deakin University focuses on generating industry collaborations, grants (including ARC), and high-level industry-relevant outcomes.

In addition to traditional research outputs in the fields of movement and technology, she is an experienced production manager with proven experience in delivering commercial research projects including the development of multiple VFX-technology driven pipelines, motion capture projects, virtual reality and augmented reality design, virtual productions, app design and development, interactive performances and pre-visualisation for film and television. 

Jordan’s current research areas include dramaturgy in digital performance and the impact of new technologies on the arts and cultural industries, and she is currently working on research projects that explore documentation for live performance, app concept and design, spatial user interface, new modes of publishing and measuring cultural impact.  

 In addition to her work as a research fellow at Deakin Motion.Lab, Jordan lectures in dance history and analysis at the Victorian College of the Arts, a faculty of the University of Melbourne. Since 2008, Jordan has reviewed dance, circus and physical theatre for The Age newspaper and her work has appeared nationally across Fairfax newspapers. She is the Australian columnist for Dance International Magazine, and has published in a range of academic and non-academic publications including Brolga, the Australian Book Review, Sydney Review of Books, Kinesis and others. Jordan was the President of Ausdance Victoria (2012-2015), and served on the selection panel for the Australian Dance Awards and Melbourne’s Green Room Awards.

Selected Research highlights:

External Grants

  • CI (Collaborative Embodied Movement Design Network (LE170100066), LIEF round, 2017.
  • The Pinoke Project, Vincent, JB., McCormick, J., Vincs, K., Creative Victoria Creative Development Funding, 2015: $20,000. Project outcomes: Live performance, short documentary film, design prototype for non-traditional publication.


Book Chapters

Vincent, J.B., Vincent, C., deLahunta, S., McCormick, J., Vincs, K. 2017, ‘Artwork spawning artwork: trans-disciplinary approaches to artistic spin-offs and evolution in the digital context,’ in Digital Echoes: Spaces for Intangible and Performance-based Cultural Heritage, Whatley, S. ed., Routledge, London, England.

Vincs, K., McCormick, J., Bennett, A., Vincent, J.B., 2014, ‘Augmenting Performance: From Skin to Skin,’ in Augmented Reality Art: from an emerging technology to a novel creative medium. Geroimenko, V. ed. Springer Series on Cultural Computing, Berlin, Germany, pp. 161-174.

McKechnie, S., Vincent, J.B., 2014, ‘Meryl Tankard: Furioso,in Bodies of thought: twelve Australian choreographers, Wakefield Press, Adelaide, South Australia, pp. 94-100.

Vincent, J.B., Christofis, L., 2011, ‘Forging an identity: transformation and synthesis in twentieth century Australian dance,’ in Shaping the landscape: celebrating dance in Australia, Routledge, London, England, pp. 13-33.

Refereed Journal Articles

Vincent, J.B., Vincent, C., Vincs, K., McCormick, J., 2016, ‘Navigating control and illusion: Interactivity versus ‘faux-interactivity’ in trans-media dance performance, International Journal of Performance Art and Digital Media, vol. 12(1), Spring 2016.

Vincent, J.B., 2011, ‘The two cups of 1962: the dancing horses of the Australian Ballet and the National Theatre,Brolga: an Australian journal about dance, vol. 34, pp. 7-17.

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McCormick, J., Vincent, JB., Vincent, C., Vincs, K., Hossny, M. “Space invasion: Humans and Robots in performance.” Submitted to Computing the Corporeal Special issue of Computational Culture, a Journal of Software Studies. Acceptance pending] Edited by Nicolas Salazar Sutil, Sita Popat and Scott deLahunta.

 Refereed Conference Papers

Mccormick, John, Hutchison, Stephanie, Vincent, Jordan Beth and Vincs, Kim 2016, Collaborative dance between robot and human, in IROS 2016: Proceedings of the IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems: Workshop on Artistically Skilled Robots, IEEE, Piscataway, N.J., pp. 1-3.

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McCormick, J., Hutchison, S., Vincs, K., Vincent, J.B., 2015, ‘Emergent Behaviour: Learning From An Artificially Intelligent Performing Software Agent,’ Proceedings of the 21st International Symposium on Electronic Art, Vancouver, Canada, August 14-18, 2015, the-21st-international-symposium-on-electronic-art/

Vincent, J.B., Vincs, K., McCormick, J., 2015, ‘Splitting Centre’: directing attention in trans-media dance performance,’ Proceedings of the 21st International Symposium on Electronic Art, Vancouver, Canada, August 14-18, 2015.

Andrews, S., Vincent, J.B., McCormick, J., 2015, ‘Duet: Improvising Spatial Dialogues with an Artificially Intelligent Agent,’ Proceedings of the 3rd ACM Symposium on Spatial User Interaction, ACM Library, pp. 57-60.

Selected Creative Works

McCormick, J., Andrews, S., Vincent, J.B., 2015, ‘Duet’ [Virtual reality artwork]. Melbourne Media Lab, January 2016; Melbourne Knowledge Week, May 2016; Geelong After Dark, May 2016.

Vincent, J.B., McCormick, J., Hutchinson, S., Divers, P., Kaye, J., 2015, ‘The Pinoke Project Publication’ [Electronic publication concept and design; application for mobile devices], funded by Arts Victoria.

McCormick, J., Hutchinson, S., Vincent, J.B., Divers, P., Kaye, J., 2015, ‘The Pinoke Project Performance’ [Interactive art performance], funded by Arts Victoria.

Vincs, K., Black, N., Wallace, K., Jeal, S., Ingram, T., Dalbo, C., McCormick, J., Vincent, J., Divers, P., Skovli, D. 3D digital scenography for Four Saints in Three Acts, Merlyn Theatre, Coopers Malthouse, 30 September, 2016.

Shaw, J., Kenderdine, S., McCormick, J., Vincs, K., Vincent, J., Jeal, S., Taylor, S. Visualisation of kung fu motion capture data, presented via Shaw and Kenderdine’s ‘ReActor’ system for 300 Years of Hakka Kung Fu: Digital Vision of its Legacy and Future, Thematic Gallery 5, Hong Kong Heritage Museum
1 Man Lam Road, Sha Tin, Hong Kong, 2 – 20 September 2016.

McCormick, J., Divers, P., Hutchison, S., Vincs, R., Hossny, M., Nahavandi, D., Vincent, J. Vincs, K. 2015, Vox Lumen: People into Light, interactive motion capture installation for the main screen, Federation Square, Melbourne, White Nights 2015.

McCormick, J., Divers, P., Kaye, J., Vincent, J.B., Wallace, K., Vincs, K., Aiyer, V., 2015, ‘Vox Lumen Application’ [Augmented Reality application for mobile devices], partnership with AppeARition and White Night Melbourne/Fed Square, ‘Vox Lumen’ [Interactive performance].