Jun 5, 2018

Deakin Motion Lab bring their art to life with Lenovo


Client Success Summary

Deakin Motion Lab is a research and development group based at Melbourne’s Deakin University. Drawing on the skillsets of a team with diverse backgrounds and experience, they work in motion capture, virtual production, art movement and technology.

To bring their art to life, the team use Lenovo ThinkStation P510s, powered by the Intel Xeon processor and the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 GPU. These workstations execute highly demanding tasks related to facial capture, 60fps video, body movement and performance capture at 180fps, along with 4k graphics with all the bells and whistles, all in real time.

Because much of their work is done on-site at different locations, they need machines that are both easy to move and set up, as well as reliable enough to perform as expected every time – to keep up with the pace of their art form. Through the use of Lenovo’s machines, the Deakin Motion Labs team are able to realise their work in real-time at a much higher framerate than they would have expected previously.

This video tells their story.