May 19, 2018

Deakin Motion.Lab visualises greener future

Deakin’s Motion.Lab and the City of Melbourne have been visualising a greener future for the city’s iconic laneways.

The event at Melbourne Knowledge Week earlier this month, showcased a research partnership between Deakin and City of Melbourne that began last year.

We successfully tendered for the project at the end of 2016, and delivered the VR experience in mid-2017. There were several goals for this project. Firstly, we were looking at how to translate the city’s incredible GIS dataset into a game engine, where an interactive experience could take place. In this way, a story could be told through the data and experience. 

We used a technique called photogrammetry to capture the textures of Meyers Place lane in the city, and then overlaid those textures on the 3D models produced by the City.

We then drew on another existing city project, Green Your Laneways, for design inspiration and to show how this laneway could be ‘greener.’

In essence, this is one potential future for the city that can be experienced and shared by people living and working in the council.

Another goal of the project was knowledge transfer, and to share what we know about interactive environments, working in game engines, VR, 3D assets etc. with the City of Melbourne GIS team. 

The pilot experience was very well received at Melbourne Knowledge Week, and formed one of four showcases that used the city’s GIS dataset with emerging and digital technologies.

Other showcases involved 3D printing, Augmented Reality, and screen-based content. 

We hope that this pilot project will move into a second stage, and that we can continue our work with the City of Melbourne.