Jun 19, 2017

Diversity & inclusion in arts organisations- by Donna Walker-Kuhne

Event details:  Monday 3rd July at 10.30 AM
Deakin Downtown:
Level 12, Tower 2
727 Collins Street
Melbourne Victoria 3008

RSVP essential by Friday 30 June
to Dee Czarnecki: d.czarnecki@deakin.edu.au

Donna Walker-Kuhne is a leading US expert on engaging and sustaining diverse audiences; an accomplished arts administrator who is devoted to increasing accessibility and connection to the arts for a growing multicultural population.
In this talk Donna will present key case studies from her work on audience diversity strategies, engagement strategies and cultural tourism that empower the arts and make them more resilient when confronted with economic, environmental or political challenges.

Her work in the area of diverse audiences, community engagement and income generation has transformed major performing institutions such as the Public Theatre, Harlem Dance Theatre and Apollo Theatre. Donna’s expertise in the area of audience diversification and community engagement is sought across the USA, post-Apartheid South Africa, Singapore, Australia and the Russian Federation.


Donna Walker Kuhne has been recognised by the American Business and Arts Foundation as America’s leading expert of audience diversification. Donna’s strategies on audience diversification are driven by her desire for economic development, income generation and sustainability of the arts. As she writes, culturally diverse audiences “don’t need the funded arts, the arts need them.” Her approach is about far more than the tired model of representation on stage, or about special engagement projects, which often begin and end without impact. Donna drives forward the ethical, economic and strategic necessity of building diversity in audiences.