Feb 20, 2017

Morbis Artis – Top 3 at White Night 2017

We are incedible proud to announce that the Morbis Artis exhibition was voted by Hannah Francis as one of the top 3 experiences of White Night.

Full article is below:


Hannah Francis

Three top picks from the Northside events:

1. Rhythms of the Night, Royal Exhibition Building. Definitely the most epic attraction in the Flames and Fantasy section, if not the whole night. It was big, bold, scary and uplifting at the same time.

2. Nebulous, Carlton Gardens. This was understated next to the Pyrophone Juggernaut, but I could have stood gazing up at this thing for hours.

3. Morbis artis – diseases of the arts. RMIT Gallery. This was a cracking group exhibition where art met science and wonderful things happened. The oozy projections out front made your hair curl. The lines were long and when I finally got in, there was another 40-minute wait for one of the exhibits.