Nov 25, 2016

“Deletion”- Star Wars Special Edition

Dive deep inside of the world, fandom and the ‘force’ that is Star Wars Episode 12 in the latest edition of the ‘Deletion’  (produced by the science and fiction research cluster at Deakin):


Will Brooker: Passing the Baton:


Toija Cinque: What Lies Within: Finding the Inner Girl Hero in Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Force Awakens


Emma Pett: Cosplay Rey: Intergenerational fandom and the importance of play at the 2016 Star Wars Celebration, London.


Bertha Chin:Star Wars and the legitimisation of fans in fandom-sceptical South East Asia


Lincoln Geraghty: Star Wars Merchandising and Toys as Paratexts


Dan Hassler-Forest: Mr. Plinkett and 21st-Century Star Wars Fandom