Oct 17, 2016

Sean Redmond Keynote Speaker at David Bowie Conference in Lisbon

As featured on https://blogs.deakin.edu.au/artsed/

Across Thursday 22, Friday 23rd ad Saturday 24th of September, an enthusiastic group of Aca-Fans was transfixed by the David Bowie Interart/ text/ media Conference, held at the Universidade De Lisboa in Portugal. The program included a Special Keynote presentation by DML-CCAR researcher Associate Professor Sean Redmond, and Deakin University researcher Dr Toija Cinque who formed a major part of the energetic and insightful presentations offering a broad insight into David Bowie’s work, focusing on the role of auto-ethnography and interviewer participation in music fandom which has had a limited and rather side-lined history. According to Toija Cinque, while it is certainly true that fan and aca-fan voices have been used to explore how their music idols have been identified with, and why they matter at the level of identity and belonging, a great deal of the empirical method used to gauge fandom substitutes fan voices for a top-down analysis and interpretation. The approach taken in their talk was to draw both upon auto-ethnography – where their own voices were part of the framing – and narrativisation, involving listening to the ‘stories’ of fans.

Redmond and Cinque then ran a very unique Fandom Reference Focus Group to provide discussion on the role of personal stories in music fandom. As Sean Redmond notes, their approach was to allow fellow fans to ‘story’ their own responses in an attempt to get beneath the modes of feeling that music fandom ignites. This work is being built around how fans make sense and meaning of music icon, David Bowie, connecting it to identity politics, memory and memorabilia, nostalgia, difference, and belonging and desire toward their forthcoming book Everyone Says ‘Hi’: The Fandom of David Bowie (Palgrave).

The Special Event conference acted to reflect the mesmerising impressions left by Bowie. In any number of ways, he has left his imprint on the DNA of our souls.